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* Overly aggressive play can result in injury to the player or to others on the court. Please

consider your style of play and play within your capabilities matching your level of play to that of your competition.
No game should end with you or someone else getting injured as a result of your aggressive play. Accidents and injuries are avoidable when players play safe and play smart.


*  One of the most important ways of preventing injury is stretching and warming up

before we begin our games.  Stretching should include arms, back, and legs.  Overall warm-up can be accomplished with gentle jogging in place and using exaggerated movements when we are warming up on the court (such as large arm swings, large deep steps side to side). 

*  Proper shoe wear is very important.  Regular sneakers and running shoes are not recommended for Pickleball play as they are not cut our for the movement and footwork required with Pickleball.  Consider purchasing a good court shoe with a smooth sole, padding at the toe and on the top, and good arch support.  There is a lot of information on the internet to help you determine the shoe that would be best for you.  And you can always talk with your fellow players to see what brands of shoes/features of shoes have worked best for them.


*  Next time you arrive at a facility for Pickleball please take the time to find out where the AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is located at that facility (and please let your fellow players know).  In an emergency you would not want to go on a search for this valuable, potentially life saving piece of equipment. 

*  We are looking into CPR training for those in the club who may be interested.  More information to come.

*  Please be sure that the club has your emergency contact information.  It is a very good idea to carry emergency contact information with you at all times.  Some have placed this information right on their Pickleball paddle.

As we enjoy our Pickleball it is important to always be striving for safe play and good health.

Feel free to offer any ideas for safety education or if you have concerns that we should address regarding safety during play.


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