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Welcome to DSPC


The Diamond State Pickleball Club was created to support and promote the sport of pickleball in the north Delaware region.  The club is a non-profit volunteer organization of 200+ players supporting promotional, organizational and scheduling tasks for the players and facilities in the state.  The club also provides novice and advanced training.

For those new to the game, Pickleball is similar to tennis, but is played on a smaller court (about half the size) using a solid wood or composite paddle and a plastic ball - much like a wiffle ball.  Like tennis, the game can be played as a singles or doubles match - but most recreational games are doubles - mostly because it is just more fun.  However, unlike tennis, the basics are quickly and easily mastered and people can start to participate in the sport with one hour of instruction.

C'mon out and play... or let our IPTPA trained instructors show you how !




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