Diamond State Pickleball Club is a non-profit, dues paying, unincorporated organization that operates for the mutual benefit of all it's members.  Membership to the club is open to all pickleball players age 18 and older.

Mission and Purpose:

The mission and purpose of Diamond State Pickleball Club is to promote the development, growth and support of the game of pickleball in Delaware and the surrounding area.  The Club seeks to foster a fun, sportsmanlike, healthy, and safe recreational environment for all area pickleball players.


The Diamond State Pickleball Club is proud to announce the new Board Members and Officers for 2021-2022:

President - Linda Watjen

Vice President - Karen Griffin

Board Member & Treasurer- Fran Scholl 

Board Member & Club Liaison Officer- Harold Holeman

Board Member - Marge Spittle

Board Member - Linda Walck

Board Member - Tom Foster

Secretary - Mary Zielinski