About Us


Diamond State Pickleball Club is a group of pickleball enthusiasts in northern Delaware and the surrounding areas who play for fun, fitness, and friends.  Recreational, social,  competitive, and instructional activities are offered.  Members have adopted Bylaws and elected a Board of Directors to oversee its functions.  Membership is currently at 171 and growing.  The club follows the official rules and regulations of the USAPA.

2019 elected Board of Directors and Officers

President:  Norma Jean Layton, njlayton@verizon.net

Vice President:  Judi Free, jjfree.88@comcast.net

Secretary:  Mary Zielinski, maryziel@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Jon Free, jjfree.1988@gmail.com

Club Liaison Officer and Board Member:  Harold Holeman, hdholeman@aol.com

Board Member:  Mary Ellen Long, maryellen.long90@yahoo.com

Board Member: Linda Rhodes, linda.rhodes99@verizon.net

Dedicated Volunteers

Membership Coordinator:  Chuck Hanavin, hanavin@udel.edu

Equipment Manager:  Dee Duncan, duncanz123@yahoo.com

Safety Coordinator:  Beth Twardowski, batwardowski@gmail.com

You may contact Diamond State Pickleball Club at diamondstatepicklball@gmail.com or P.O. Box 1152 Hockessin, De  19707