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What is Diamond State Pickleball Club (DSPC)? 

A non-profit, dues paying, unincorporated recreational organization open to those 18 and older. Our mission is to promote the growth of pickleball in the Northern Delaware and provide fun social and playing activities for the members.

Benefits of club membership

  • social and playing events

  • a Pickleball Training Program for members

  • opportunity to voice opinions to elected officials about new courts, repair of old courts, and new places-to-play 

  • league play with other local pickleball clubs and country clubs. 

  • information about new places to play, events, leagues, and tournaments

Who runs the club? 

Members elect a Board of Directors who then elect a President and Vice President and appoint a Secretary and a Treasurer.  It is organized and run under Club Bylaws which were adopted by the members.

How are dues spent? 

Website and other supporting on-line technologies, promotional materials, insurance, administration expenses, player development program, on-court enhancements, special events.  No one receives financial payments for their services.

How do I become a member?    

Membership  is open to all 18 years of age and older.  Each full time members shall have one vote in the Club. Each members shall agree to and execute the Club waiver of liability agreement and provide emergency contact information.  Members are strongly encouraged to actively support and participate in Club functions.

              May 2024- May 2025   $24

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